To break new ground in business travel services, Owners of UNIGLOBE Travel offices from across India met in Delhi, earlier this month. Collaboration, innovation and business strategy discussions to simplify travel for clients were the key themes discussed during the owners only meet.

“Clients expect the best fares and rates, increasingly rich reporting, evidence of savings and delivery of superior client service. The meet provides an opportunity to discuss future initiatives that would address these needs and serve to increase our productivity to bring more time, money, savings and above all hassle free travel to our clients" remarked one UNIGLOBE Owner.

“These meetings are an integral part of the UNIGLOBE culture. It's through these meetings that we share our expertise, bring client insights and industry trends onto the table and then strategize how to find solutions that travelers, coordinators and business owners will value. It's how we constantly evolve and keep building better, faster and smarter solutions for our clients,” added another owner.

Another highlight of the month was the UNIGLOBE Travel Chairman’s Circle conference, a three day congregation of the top UNIGLOBE agencies from across the world, also held Delhi. The conference is an annual recognition program for the top UNIGLOBE travel agency owners worldwide. It is a unique and special forum for corporate travel businesses to attend and meet with UNIGLOBE’s travel international management team to share ideas and discuss strategies for the future. The conference also includes a series of interesting presentations led by various heads of large corporations giving further insight into current trends being recorded and new ideas for the future.

U. Gary Charlwood, Chairman & Founder, UNIGLOBE Travel International, said, “A very important part of the dynamic global franchise system is that it continues to evolve, learn and develop new and innovative ways in which to compete successfully on the world stage. This edition of the Chairman’s Circle is focused on sharing best practices on some of the proven methodologies that are implemented in the varied markets in which we operate globally, and then take them home for application in our own business.”

“Chairman’s Circle conference is a great platform to interact with and learn from our counterparts from across the world and collaborate with them to address the many issues facing our industry,” added Ritika Modi, Regional President, UNIGLOBE Travel South Asia.


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