With its multiple and rapidly evolving facets, travel continues to be one of the most dynamic industries of today. UNIGLOBE experts help business owners, travelers and coordinators stay ahead of the times by offering a glimpse into the not so distant future of travel. Read on to find out some of the key trends that are expected to dominate the travel industry in 2016.

Better control on travel spends

More sophisticated pre-trip authorization tools will add further support to a company’s travel policy by helping control costs before spending. Such automated “checks-and-balances” tools allow approvers (typically managers) to approve, decline or request changes to, various components of an employee’s itinerary prior to ticketing. It can also help avoid increased airfares due to missed ticket deadlines while waiting for approval.

Greater focus on ‘personalized service’

In 2016, travelers on business will be more demanding. For most travelers ‘preferred seating’ will be a hot favorite on their list of items that define personalized service. Other services on the radar of travelers are e-mail and/or SMS reminders to use online check-in complete with the links to do it, information on local food and restaurants to suit individual requirements, travel alerts and Mileage Program management.

Effective travel research and faster response times

With highly sophisticated web-based tools, travelers and travel coordinators will see faster response times for self-searched flight options, resulting in significant time savings as travelers and coordinators will no longer have to wait for replies to emails or phone calls.

Low-hassle Travel

Experienced travelers will lean even more towards travel experts for vital purchasing advice- especially with more complex itineraries. They will increasingly value the consultative approach that only a professional travel buyer/research expert can bring to the table.

Blurring distinction between business and pleasure

With business travelers looking to attain a better work-life balance, the boundaries between business and leisure travel are expected to blur.  Whether taking the family along on a business trip abroad or squeezing in a visit to that famous tourist hotspot in between client meetings, business trips in 2016 will definitely pack in more fun.

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