Corporate business travel can mean a daytime round trip flight. Pack your bags and get a day pass to the airline lounge for comfortable travel. Business travel can last from a day or two to a week or even months at a time. While a day trip can mean coming home to the comfort of your own bed at night, it can also make for a very long workday.

Try These Tips For Surviving A Quick Round Trip Flight For A Meeting Or Conference

Alleviate Jet Lg Disorder Ahead Of Time

Jet lag disorder frequently occurs with long haul flights that cross over several time zones. However, sometimes even crossing over one or two time zones can make for an uncomfortable day. Plan ahead by acclimating to the time zone in the destination by setting clocks ahead or behind and adjusting gradually to the difference. Be sure to adjust your sleep and meal schedule accordingly.

Stay Hydrated For Healthy Travel

While traveling, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and feeling healthy. Corporate travelers should also try not to skip meals while on the road to avoid headaches or fatigue.

Consider An Airline Lounge Pass For Long Layovers

For corporate travelers who know they will be spending ample time at the airport, such as waiting to catch a flight or flying standby, a day pass to the airline club or lounge can be worthwhile. Purchase a day pass ahead of time through the airline, or consider Lounge Pass, which lets buyers select passes for more than 100 different airports.

Pack A Briefcase Lightly And Leave Luggage At Home

A quick one-day trip can mean not having the hassle of checking or carrying luggage onto the airplane. What's more, security lines may be faster without traveling with luggage. However, there are still a few things that one day business travelers should pack. Bring a book, iPod, iPad or other device to pass the time while waiting for a flight or between corporate meetings.

Business travelers should also consider packing toiletries and a change of clothes in the event that a flight is canceled, delayed or diverted and an overnight stay is required.

​Rest And Relax At The Airport Hotel

For those business travelers using an airport with a hotel, inquire if the hotel offers hourly or afternoon rates. Many airport hotels offer discounted daytime or afternoon rates to travelers looking to take a nap or a shower while traveling, For travelers just looking for a shower, the hotel fitness center or pool may allow guests to use the showers; ask for information at the front desk.

Visit The Airport Spa Or Hotel Spa For Relaxation

Corporate travel is hectic. For business travelers who have free time, a trip to the hotel spa or the airport spa can result in relaxation that may last the rest of the trip. Consider making an appointment to have a manicure, pedicure or a massage while traveling for business to relax and rejuvenate.

Same day corporate travel can be tiring on the body and the mind; stay hydrated, get enough sleep and consider taking a few minutes to yourself to make the most of the trip.

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